Research center for the National Forensic Sciences University

NFSU is the worlds first Forensic Sciences University.

As a part of the NFSU Research Fraternity Axxonet provides GFSU academic resources in Digital Forensics.

NFSU students have access to Axxonet research laboratory and can conduct their PhD research at Axxonet.

Axxonet and NFSU are working on joint collaborative research projects.

Axxonet has a dedicated 4000 sq ft research lab available for various research projects.


Recognized by the Directorate of Scientific and Industrial Research, India

Axxonet is recognized as a Research Unit by the Directorate of Scientific and Industrial Research, India

DSIR recognition provides Axxonet the platform and benefit to conduct research and development with a large number of partners and agencies.

Research partner with the a Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)

MAHE – The Manipal Academy of Higher Education is among the top most private Universities in India and was declared a prestigious Institute of Eminence by the Government of India.

The Manipal – Axxonet Human Neurophysiology Laboratory at KMC Manipal has already published papers in leading journals.


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