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  • Development of brain technologies that enhance Brain research
  • Research in the areas of neurocognition and Brain-Mind relationship
  • Development of new Theories
  • Innovation and new techniques

Axxonet is a Research Center for the National Forensic Science University.

We have research professionals in the areas of Neuropsychology, Neuroscience Technology, Neurocomputing, and Electronic Hardware development and Computer analysis programs.

We develop and use our own Hardware and Software for all research work.

Axxonet created NSS a product based on Brain Electrical Oscillations Signature (BEOS) profiling – a high-end research product which has found immense utilization in Forensic Neuropsychology as an alternative to deception detection.
This unique system, automatically carries out extensive frequency – time domain signal computing, statistical analyses, and interprets the results without human intervention.

NSS can profile remembrance of autobiographic episodes from the electrical oscillations recorded from the scalp of a person, without the person making any response during the test.

Now the Brain Research Lab is developing a new generation of BEOS machines – Automated Self Interview systems, which can be used to identify suspects

Gel-Less Electrodes

Axxonet Brain Research Lab has developed Gel-less EEG electrodes in 2010 for easy recording of EEG.

We are in the process of collating a Normative database of QEEG in different age groups and diagnostic applications.

We are developing and standardizing complex neurocognitive paradigms for understanding brain-mind relationship and have already launched a research project.

Staff & Equipment

ABRL has PhD’s and postgraduates working as research staff, and collaborates with research departments in India and outside.

ABRL has a large array of Neuro Physiology instrumentation, equipment and tests made available to our research teams.