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Neurobehavioral Controls and Potential Measurement


Potentiality Assessment

NCPM is a test devised to measure the versatility of a professional mind in Further analysis shows the potentiality of the user in the following areas:








The test provides 40 situations to the user and each situation is provided with multiple options.

The user rates each option in terms of agreement – non-agreement with the option.     The answers are analyzed to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the individual in the above domains.


Further analysis shows the potentiality of the user in the following areas:

Goal Directed and Action Orientation, Adaptability, Pro-activeness

Focused, Team Sharing, Work Completion

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving,

Risk Taking, Conflict Confrontation

Self Expression, Openness, Discretion

Empathy, Sociability, Cooperation

Leadership, Self-Dependence



The test is based on the principle that there are two brain control systems, which determine the responses and actions of an individual.  

The test measures the strength of each of these control principles in the individual in the different areas cited above.  

  1. One is an environmental interactive system, which is involved in the different aspects of social conditioning of the individual. The acceptance of such control is essential for a person to become socially relevant and acceptable. The controls may origin from family, society, government, and organizations.        
  2. The second control is the result of complex motor programming in the brain, which facilitates personal growth, acquisition, and expression/ utilization of skills.         This control system is needed for all types personal achievements of an individual and hence is directly linked to personal growth.

The test is presented by computer

Duration of the test: about 1 hour


Brain Function Therapy [Cognitive Enhancement & Rehab]

Brain Function Therapy [BFT] has been used for over 20 years for Rehabilitation and Cognitive enhancement across a variety of population.

BFT is been used with subjects from different walks of life -

  • Normal adults and children
  • ADHD children
  • Head injury patients
  • Stroke patients
  • Pilots
  • Military personnel

Axxonet uses BFT on subjects for a variety of therapies

  • Attention span enhancement
  • Working Memory enhancement
  • Continuous Performance enhancement
  • Reading speed improvement
  • Response time improvement
  • Spatial recognition improvement
  • Temporal sequencing

Visit BFT for more information





Neurofeedback Therapy

BESS Neurofeedback (NFB) guided neurotherapy assists an individual to acquire more control over their brain waves.

Research provides specificity reporting that NFB effectively changes brain activity patterns. It aids the improvement in attention, emotional regulation, behavior, mental functions and flexibility, and cognitive enhancement.

Axxonet provides an individualized treatment protocol depending upon the brain activity of a person,obtained by analyzing their EEG.

It includes the procedures pertaining to individual brain waves such as delta, theta, alpha, beta, along with coherence mechanisms.

Mechanisms of NFB targets the feedback loop and pathways of brain.  It involves specific parameters and sophisticated strategies which are developed as per the requirement of the concerned individual.

It involves reconditioning and retraining of the brain which works on the principle of neuro-plasticity.

It has an evidence-based clinical application in Children with ADD, ADHD, Learning Disability, Anxiety spectrum disorders, Pain disorders, Addiction, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Sleep Dysregulation, Migraines, Head injury, Stroke and Epilepsy.

It can also be employed for improving efficacy and facilitate performance in artists, athletes, dancers, musicians, firearms officer, corporate officials, specialists, authors, drivers, pilots, etc.

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Sleep Disorder Diagnosis & Therapy Center

Coming Soon.


Axxonet will be launching its Sleep Disorder Diagnosis & Therapy services in the last quarter of 2013.

Watch this space for further information.


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Neuropsychological Assessment

Psychological disorders and illnesses of the brain produce changes in individuals with regard to their cognitive and behavioural functioning. Assessment focuses on determining and gauging the nature, intensity and degree of the underlying illness,  using cognitive and behavioural measures. Assessment remain the cornerstone of the clinical and neuropsychological services offered by Axxonet. In addition to providing a diagnosis, neuropsychological and clinical assessment enables us at Axxonet to develop suitable treatment plans and congruent intervention programmes, designed specifically for the individual's requirements.

Clinical and neuropsychologists at Axxonet specialize in neuropsychological assessment of persons with

  •     Traumatic or acquired brain injury
  •     Attention-deficit Hyperactive Disorder/ attention deficit disorder (ADHD/ADD)
  •     Learning disabilities
  •     Cognitive impairment or delay
  •     Autism
  •     Epilepsy
  •     Anxiety disorders
  •     Neurological injury and disease


Our Neuropsychological assessment is applicable for people across all ages, from children to geriatric clients. in addition, assessment is also conducted for medico-legal consultations and forensic purposes.

Some of the assessments administered include

  • Neuropsychological Assessment
  • Developmental Assessments
  • Intelligence Assessment
  • Academic Skills Assessment
  • Learning Difficulty Assessment
  • Aptitude Tests
  • Cognitive Tests

Clinical Neuropsychological Services




Neuropsychological Assessment Services

BESS Neuro Feedback based Therapy

Brain Function Therapy (c) based Therapy

Neuropsychological Therapy Services





Automated Interview System

NSS - AIS - S3 Automated Interview System [ S3 ]


NSS AIS is an automated quick screening system for subjects suspected of carrying out of being involved in illegal activities.

NSS AIS has preset templates that officers can use to test for


  • Narcotics dealing/carrying
  • Poaching
  • Radical training
  • Smuggling
  • Sensitive Posts
  • Illegal Immigration
  • Plans to overstay
NSS AIS Logo1 


NSS AIS is based on the principles of BEOS and it the perfect screening companion at

  • Checkposts
  • Immigration points
  • Airports
  • Seaports
  • Customs