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BESS - Video EEG Systems

Brain Electrical Scan System - BESS, built over years of research, is a highly sophisticated EEG-ERP system that acquires, processes and analyzes bioelectrical activity within the brain.

Keeping in mind the wide range of clinical and diagnostic usefulness of EEG, BESS features utmost precision and uniqueness in its application.

To cater to various clinical requirements and applications, BESS is available in desktop and laptop versions and its configuration can be customized to utilize all its provisions using 16, 32, 64, 128 or 256 channels.

The xAmp series of amplifiers have 8 to 128 Channels, 24 bit resolution with simultaneous sampling of 20KHz per channel in select models. With a low noise floor of <1 uV the xAmp series ensure high quality recordings.

xAmp can interface with third party headsets and headgear including active electrodes.

xAmp has direct interfaces with Axxonet's innovative RapidCap, the new ultra fast deployment multi contact eeg cap that supports Saline and Gel recordings.


B.E.S.S. - Video EEG Systems - Clinical System

The B.E.S.S. Clinical Models are available in 16, 32, 64, 128, and 256 channel configurations and can be built customized as per requirements 

The systems are available in desktop versions and laptop versions.

Clinical Sys3a

The System is capable of High speed EEG synchronized Video Monitoring.

  • Video EEG
  • Patient Database and Searching
  • Montage Reformatting
  • Search Engine for Spike Detection
  • Search for Frequency Spindles
  • Photic Stimulation, Event Marking
  • Easy ASCII conversion and transfer of data
  • Easy incorporation for any other Analysis Package
  • Customized Print outs and Reporting


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  • BESS - Video EEG Systems

    Brain Electrical Scan System - BESS, built over years of research, is a highly sophisticated EEG-ERP system that acquires, processes and analyzes bioelectrical activity within the brain. Keeping in...

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