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Existing Facility

Axxonet currently has a 4000 sq ft Research Centre with a Software, Hardware, and various Research and Teaching facilities. The centre also has a BEOS Lab, Polygraph Lab, EEG Lab for conducting Brain and Biometric (Autonomic) related research.[

New Facility

We are in the process of setting up a new 12,000 sq ft Production and Research Centre attached to the existing facility for conduct further research and development work. The new facility will have dedicated New Research areas, a Machine design facility, Training halls, a Lounge and accommodation for visiting experts.


  • BEOS Lab
  • Polygraph Lab
  • EEG Lab (16, 32, 128 Channel systems)
  • Mobile Apps development Lab


  • Seminar Halls
  • Library
  • Study rooms
  • Hardware Research facility
  • Software Research facility