Research Projects

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Project Type R&D Partners Funding Partners
MRI Compatible high sensitivity Gel Less EEG systems  Internal Internal
Functional basis Remembrance Internal Internal
Brain Electrical Signature Profiling – Continuous Improvement  Internal Internal
Cognitive and Attention Enhancement in Working professionals using Neurofeedback  Internal Internal
Epilepsy Detection Device NIMHANS DBT, Internal
Depth of Anaesthesia Monitor NIMHANS Internal
EPOC – Early Preventive Oral Cancer Screening [Pilot] Biocon Foundation Biocon Foundation, Internal
Digital Forensics GFSU Internal



Proposed Projects


Project Type R&D Partners Funding Partners
EPOC – Early Preventive Oral Cancer Screening – New Proposal Biocon Foundation, Pajat Solutions, University of Turku, AqSens, Tekes DBT India, Tekes Finland
Hand-held Biometric based health monitor Partners sought Funding sought
Automated Handheld EEG analysis device Partners sought Funding sought
Rural Healthcare screening Partners sought Funding sought
Correlation between MRI and EEG to provide low cost screening NIMHANS Funding sought
Correlation between Cognition and Autism Partners sought Funding sought
Effects of Diabetes on Neural Processes Partners sought Funding sought


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